The Problem:

They wanted to make the switch because Pipedrives' API was changing very rapidly and so integrations that we had made with Zapier were constantly breaking. The system wais hacked together because Pipedrive does not have a great deal of scaleability. In order to get integrations to work we had to stuff multiple stages into the pipeline because there is no better way to do it in Pipedrive. Client was using call rail to track marketing calls. Zapier to put those calls into the CRM as leads. Employees were sending SMS with their personal cell phones. Phone system was not connected and phone conversations were not being recorded into the CRM. Pipedrive did not have any AI so it could not understand when there were duplicates. They were using slack to communicate but it did not integrate with the CRM and so it made it difficult for them to have a conversation around a deal.

The Solution

With FreshSales and FreshCaller their are less points of failure in the system

They don't have to use Call Rail any more because Calls come directly into Freshsales via FreshCaller.

Employees can call leads and now all phone calls are recorded into the system automatically.

SMS can now be sent and received within the system.

Freddy, the FreshSales AI is identifying all duplicate leads so that they can easily be merged.

With FreshSales Workflows they now have less dependency on Zapier.

We implemented FreshConnect, which is part of the freshworks suite, now they can have context around a discussion.

Now all Emails are tracked and connected to the correct records.

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