Affiliate Marketing

What is Network Affiliate Marketing?

Network affiliate marketing is the best of both affiliate marketing & network marketing without all of the hassles.

Network affiliate marketing

Network affiliate marketing is the best of both affiliate marketing & network marketing without all of the hassles. I am going to speak specifically about how that relates to iHub Global.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliates earn a commission by referring customers to products. It is helpful to have a following, be an influencer or know how to get traffic if you are going to be an affiliate marketer.

Affiliates generally cannot build a team or receive a commission when new affiliates sign up that they refer to the company, however sometimes companies will allow it. When they do it is usually just 1 or two levels down.

Network marketing

Network marketers on the other hand can build a team and they are also usually customers of the company. Normally they have an amount they have to purchase in order to be "Active" in their business and to produce volume which is what creates the possibility for a recurring commission. This is a lot of times why it's called a pyramid scheme because the marketers are also the consumers. 

Enter network affiliate marketing

In network affiliate marketing your goal is to expand the Helium network in order to provide more coverage so that customers of the network can use it.


Who are the customers of the Helium network?

Unlike traditional network marketing the members are not the customers, instead large companies are the consumers, which is one of the reasons it is called #ThePeoplesNetwork.

For instance, Hoopo helps logistics companies track assets like planes and trucks. Airica helps office buildings, public transports, schools and restaurants fight COVID 19 and other pathogens with their air sensors. InvisiLeash, helps pet owners track their dogs. The entire country of Liechtenstein, will be using the Helium network for Telecom because of its low power consumption and cheap components.

Back in the day companies like this leased property on your land so that they could put in a cell tower. Today they are in effect renting your internet instead of your land.

This is just the start. Last year in 2020, there were 7000 hotspots. As of Sept 16th, 2021 there are now 180,000 hotspots owned by 64,000 people in 126 countries. The demand for the network is literally growing by the second. The downside is we are also in the middle of a worldwide chip shortage which only exacerbates the demand. 

I think this is a 3 to 5 year opportunity. You are probably going to work hard anyways for the next 3 years. Why not have a little leverage on your side?

The 3 leverages - network, data & cryptocurrency

The growth potential is incredible, because it is not just based on your and your team's efforts but it is also based on the usage of the network itself as more and more use-cases are created for the network and new technologies are developed that use the network. This has never been done before and there is no telling how big it could be.

In the case of iHub Global, they pay out 65% of the reward, just like Helium does. Most traditional network marketing companies pay out 40-55%.

The breakdown for iHub Global is:

  • 25% on the hosting bonus
  • 20% on the referral bonus
  • 15% on you Bronze, Silver and Gold Teams 
  • 5% Matching Bonus

In addition to the leverage of building your own network, you will get paid for the data flowing through that network if you have maximized the commission structure. Not only that, but you will be paid in the Helium cryptocurrency which last year was .25 and at the time of this writing is $ 19.55. (Now 30.66 12/6/21)

I trust the economics of this far more than I trust that social security will pay me in retirement. Do you want to bet against me?

Owning and growing your network

You can build your network affiliate marketing business by using either or both affiliate marketing and network marketing tactics. The big difference is that you can build a team and you don't have any purchase requirements, the "volume" in the business is generated by the devices that use the Helium network as mentioned above.

Like most affiliate programs it is free to join. Ordinarily, in affiliate programs there are hidden costs like the marketing technologies such as HubSpot that powers this website, blog, CRM, and email marketing.

By the way, I use HubSpot starter which at the time of this writing is $50/mo

But the beauty of network affiliate marketing, is that you can use low cost and free tools to start and just build it in the traditional network marketing way until you are making enough to afford more advanced tools like Hubspot and add affiliate marketing tactics such as advertising and podcasting into the mix.

Road to possible riches

Your immediate goal after starting is to set yourself up to get a return on your time. You can do that by building your network and placing helium hotspots in good locations, don't worry, we'll teach you. The HeliumTrack software that we use to do this makes it a breeze. I've never seen such advanced software like this that actually shows us where the best place is to locate a hotspot so that the host makes the most and therefore your network makes the most. It really is an unfair advantage.

You will have support of people like myself who have built network marketing businesses in the past and have a good understanding of the technology. My sponsor, Eric is one of the $ 5 Million dollar earners of NuSkin. Our main goal is to help you to become successful and grow YOUR network because it is part of OURS.

We will help you to achieve the highest commission rate so that you can maximize the payout of the commission structure. The compensation plan is a unilevel plan that is not dissimilar to the Excel Communications plan where Paul Oberton reached $ 1 Million a month. Imagine that! How hard would you work for that? Talk to me today and get all of your questions answered.

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