What does the Senet integration mean for Hotspot hosts?

What this means to hotspot hosts is that more enterprise and consumer-grade devices will be using the network for data, which means more HNT for you! 

What this means to hotspot hosts is that more enterprise and consumer-grade devices will be using the network for data, which means more HNT for you! 

As a hotspot owner, you earn rewards in the form of the HNT for operating your device. As a hotspot host, you can not only earn rewards on your device but the devices that are in YOUR entire network. So anything that contributes to those rewards is a good thing, and this partnership with Senet and Helium definitely does.



September 21, 2021, Senet, Inc. and Helium announced an integration partnership that allows Senet's LoRaWAN customers to roam on the Helium network. What this means to hotspot hosts is that more enterprise and consumer-grade devices will be using the network for data.

senet logoTSP"This partnership provides an opportunity for increased network traffic generated by high-density IoT applications being deployed by Senet customers, such as asset tracking, logistics, and supply chain monitoring, environmental monitoring, and municipal (Smart City) services. These customers represent well over one billion transactions processed on the Senet network annually. Accumulated data transfer and "proof-of-coverage" transactions earn Hotspot owners HNT cryptocurrency for their contribution to building and maintaining the Helium Network infrastructure." ~Senet

This is great news for hotspot hosts! The more traffic, the better! Unlike network marketing, where you have to find customers or the distributors have to be customers, in Network Affiliate Marketing, enterprise and consumer devices drive the volume.

As a host, you are paid when your hotspot carries data, adds blocks to the blockchain, witnesses other hotspots, and various other tasks.

I can't stress how unique and wonderful this symbiotic relationship is. It allows us, the affiliates/hotspot hosts, to focus on building our networks, thus extending the network instead of having to go and find customers ourselves.

Entire cities are working on increasing the usage of the network


"Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance their interactions with the urban environment." ~Forbes

Just today, Helium reached 200,000 hotspot deployments. That's 200,000 people who have simply plugged in a hotspot, cared for it, and fed it internet access and are now benefiting from the growth of this network just by providing this connectivity and coverage.

200,000 Helium Hotspots 

CalgaryWhere I think this opportunity will shine is in rural areas, sure it started in the cities, but the big data consumption will come from the rural areas, and those are still WIDE OPEN. As more connectivity is brought to these areas, you will see network data transfer explode, which means more usage rewards for Hotspot hosts.

I also think it provides a perfect opportunity for people like myself that are Generation X or even older Baby Boomers who are nearing retirement and need an additional income source or don't want to sit around and go insane with boredom.
Build Your Crypto Retirement Plan
While many have turned to other peer-to-peer income opportunities like driving for Uber or DoorDash, those require your personal time, energy, and effort, all things that older people are running out of. I say leverage technology, let it do the work, leverage others by building your own network of hotspot hosts. It really is a win, win, win.

You win by not having to work so hard physically; the network wins because you are part of the helium ecosystem and helping to expand it and maintain it and your network of hotspot hosts win as well because they get a chance to do the same. This integration with the Senet network is just the beginning of what is to come.

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