What Antenna Should I Get?

This will be useful for anyone wondering if an antenna really makes a difference to the amount you can earn in Helium hotspot rewards.


Okay. So I wanted to go over with you quickly, what sort of an impact, and it cannot or can make for you. So, first of all, let's have a look at hotspot RF. This is a different tool that you can use to simulate having an antenna. Right? So let's look at it. My position where I am right now without having any, you know, special things going on with it.

Okay. So I am going to close this. This is my location with the built-in 1.2 DBI antenna that comes with my SenseCap no cable loss because the antenna is plugged directly into the port. And my antenna my, you know, the rig is sitting about one meter off the ground and right now it's indoors. And so right now it says that my output, and if we kind of look at it here, that's what it shows the output should be.

And it says that I'm operating. Minus 17.61% of the average. So not that great. And I should be making about 1.39 H T per week. And if I actually go over here to the actual goals, so this is the helium Explorer, and I can see that transmit scale. They've got the same transmit scale. And I'm actually doing a little bit more than that at two HNT per week.

And I'm reaching a little bit further than they said that I would. So I just wanted to show that to you so that you understand the comparison right. Of what hotspot RF can show us. So now let's actually look at it. When I simulated it with a 5.8 antenna. So I put 5.8 antenna. I'm going to get two DBI and cable loss because I'm using LMR 400 over 50 feet.

But my antenna height is actually 25 feet off the ground and it's outdoors and I've still got that same clear line of sight and we can see it's showing actually. Pretty much what I'm getting right now. So I'm actually going to get much better. I suspect when I actually put the antenna up because of this is what I'm getting, and this is what I'm showing with a 1.2 would probably be much better with a 5.8.

I hope that made sense. Anyways, they expect that I will be doing 118% instead of my minus 17 with my current configuration. And they think that I'll be making about four HNT per week rather than the two HNT that I'm making right now. So I am very excited about this and know. Let's see what actually happens.

I hope this gave you guys a little bit of an understanding of you know, some different tools that you can use. If you want to check out what it could be in your location. If you actually add an antenna and remember the ones that we can get from the company are either a 5.8 or 8. And you know what, actually let's do it.

If I got a 9.1, I've ordered a 5.8 and never thought about doing it as a 9.1, let's stimulate it with that.

All right. 122%. So that's interesting. And yes, still about the same. Doubling. So this is with the nine on the left.

All right. So this is what I want to point out with the nine. I can reach further right. Further away, but I lose some of the areas that are closer to. And so you notice here, this is with the 5.8 versus this is with the nine here. So if I had a lot of ones out here, like a way out here, right. We can see them, they get way out there.

Then I would want to go with the 9 antenna. And if I had one's closer into me, then I would want to go with the 5.8. Okay. I just want to show you, I am switching to hexes right there in hotspotty. And now it's going to show me the compromised hexes here. This big yellow. And now I'm just zooming out and I can see the green ones are the ones with the 1.0 scale.

And the ones with the yellow are the compromised ones, such as mine. That has a 0.65.

And I'm just zooming out to show you guys.

There we go.

And actually now that I bring up hotspotty here, you know what I think I'm actually going to go with the 9.1. And why would I say that? Because even though I lose inside here, it doesn't really matter because this hex is too full anyways. Right. So it is actually out here in Oak Grove and also Escondido, Palma valley.

You know, four corners, all these areas out here that I actually want to reach, I don't want to reach in here. So a 9.1 is actually a better solution for me and my location here. Interesting. Isn't it. Okay. So if I were you knowing what I now know, I would actually. Get hotspot RF it cost me $10 a month.

I just paid for it. And you don't necessarily need to keep paying for it. But unless you maybe want to use it with your organization and your team but I would say that that's actually worth it because just this little process right here helped me understand that a 9.1 is better for me, and I was gonna, I was totally going to go for the 5.8 before.

Right. And now I understand that I can make double what I made last month, because last month HNT was up at $50 and I made 10 HNT. So, you know, it'd be nice to. Double that, right? So if you want to double your income, maybe get hotspot RF so that you can understand what the best antenna is for you.

And remember it might not be the biggest one, or it might be, it really depends. What you're looking for strategically is you want to reach all the greens. And you don't want to reach the yellow was so it's the green ones are further away from you then? Yes. You want a higher power antenna. And if your in an area where your your transmit scale is reduced, then yes, you definitely want those bigger.

But let's say there were none around here. Okay. Just to give you an example, there were none around here. Okay. Then I'm going to want to reach. So let's say if I was here instead as an example, if I was here instead, am I going to want to reach all the way out here? Not really, right. No. I'm going to want a lower power antenna so that I can reach the ones reach.

Just as an example. So just go and use something like hotspot our app. It will help you understand, you can put in the different DBIS and all that fun stuff and find out what the best antenna is for you. I now know it's a 9.1 for me. So that's the one I'm going to get. Hope you guys learned a lot from this because I actually learned something myself.

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