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Voracious Learning

I am a voracious learner. I started my consulting company in 2002 after leaving Apple. I grew it to world leading status and won several awards for promoting & implementing Daylite. I got burned out after 12 years and needed to take a break from implementations for a while so I tried my hand at digital marketing and growth. I learned a LOT! Mostly I was shocked by how many systems were siloed and the amount of work that companies had to do to stitch their systems together. Finally everything came full circle for me in 2019 when I found Freshworks a customer engagement suite that goes the furthest toward the goal of a 360ª customer view. Believe me, I've tried almost every CRM out there and I know their flaws and their differentiators.

Now I help my clients with growth in their companies. I've learned a lot and I love to share what I have learned in the academy.

Marni Melrose

Principal Partner

Our Team

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Facebook Ads Manager

Dylan used to work for Facebook and he is a master at his craft