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Marni Melrose

Principal Partner

I am doing my best work

I love to serve business owners. I love helping them to integrate technology to make their businesses better because it's one of the things they struggle with the most these days. They often don't want to admit how much pain it causes them. Sleepless nights, I know it. Data is here, data is there. AI and machine learning is coming but they can't even get control of what they have. The world is advancing too fast and they are starting to feel like wooly mammoths.

They need better systems and that's what I do best, as a matter of fact I've won several awards for that. I've been a world leader implementor. I am the first Preferred Solution Partner for FreshWorks in the United States for a reason. I am the best at implementing these systems!

Give me a year in your company and I will revolutionize it.

In the first quarter you will see a better employee experience, in the second quarter you will see the marketing strategies come into play, in the third and fourth quarter our growth strategies skyrocket your business.

You will have a "customers for life" experience running in your business after 1 year.

The backstory

I started my career in New Zealand with a C++ programming certificate when I was 19. Hard to believe that was 31 years ago! I am technical by nature and I care about my clients and their customers. #ExperienceMatters.

At Apple Business Center I grew from Service Technician (with the highest scores in the country) to Technical Service Manager with 2 staff members.

After leaving NZ I went on with Apple as a Genius Brand Ambassador to help Apple open their flagship store in San Diego, at Fashion Valley. I quickly learned that retail was not my gig. So in 2002, a year after my son's birth, and after becoming ACTC server certified, I started my own business, XGenius.

I started with training people how to use Apple products and implementing servers and networks at businesses and schools. That's when people started calling my "The MacAngel".

I started using Daylite to track my customers and fell in love with it. In 2004, I specialized in it, and became the world leading implementer and won several awards (See the video above).

In 2008 I launched the MacAngel Academy and was able to capture 1% of their users as students. That's when things really took off along with some great press by Steven Sande at TUAW.

In 2012 when cloud based software started, Citrix asked me to be a Podio Preferred Partner. I was honored and worked with Podio for 3 years before they folded it under ShareFile. In that time I had a massive SEO win. (I'll link the project here them I load it in. Ask me about it if you are curious.)

I got burned out after 12 years of implementing systems and needed to take a break, so I tried my hand at digital marketing and growth. I learned a LOT and put several digital marketing certifications under my belt. (See the video above).

Mostly I was shocked by how many systems were siloed and the amount of work that companies had to do to stitch their systems together. It was appalling!

Finally, everything came full circle for me in 2019 when I found FreshWorks, a customer engagement suite that goes the furthest toward the goal of a 360ª customer view that I have ever seen. I've tried almost every CRM out there and I know their flaws and their differentiators. I prefer FreshWorks because it gives a better R.O.E. return on experience

I am happy to find a home again and go back to what I was made for, helping companies embrace leading edge technology to scale their business. Visit MacAngel360 for training focused on using the FreshWorks suite of products and improving your customer experience. GrowthSwell will be the agency and service side. Join our newsletter below if you are interested in improving your customer experience.


Our Team

I've learned I can't do it all myself and I've got some great people working with me with more to come...


Facebook Ads Manager

Dylan used to work for Facebook and he is a master at his craft


Travel Starategy Specialist

Michael knows the travel industry inside and out


SMM Specialist

Finds creative solutions for social media ads